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Planned Maintenance Shutdowns, Bloom Lake Mine

Photo of the conveyor at the Bloom Lake mine

Mandate and Goals

The Bloom Lake Mine is a property of Quebec Iron Ore located approximately 13 km north of Fermont, Quebec. The mine can produce up to 7.4 tons of iron per year and expects to double its production in the near future. Four times per year, for approximately two weeks, ASDR participates in planned maintenance shutdowns to service major equipment and parts. Our mandate also includes developing improved methods to target critical points of equipment under maintenance. ASDR also assists MFQ with the overall planning and site management (including health and safety) activities during the shutdowns.

Challenges and Issues

  • Implementation of site-specific tools and equipment on a permanent basis in Fermont
  • Remote management of work planning 
  • Short time to perform diagnostics on equipment
  • Perform outdoor work under difficult winter conditions (down to – 40C)

Solutions and Achievements

  • Periodic maintenance of the « Overland » conveyor, which is 3.5 km long and 250 feet high, within tight deadlines
  • Planning of overall site activities during shutdown including labour and materials requirements
  • Overall site health and safety management and assessment of contractors certifications and training needs prior to mobilization at site
  • Issue a detailed report on equipment maintenance after every shutdown
  • Design of ergonomic tools to improve health and safety and productivity 
  • Perform work with limited spare parts (target priority work)
  • Implementation of digital confined space monitoring (DCSM) technology, a ground-breaking and innovative approach to increase safety and reduce manpower requirements
  • Client Minerai de fer Québec
  • Services provided Planned Maintenance Shutdown
  • Place Fermont, Quebec

The Project in Numbers

long "Overland" conveyor

year partnership with MFQ

highest conveyor point

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