Digital surveillance camera confined spaces
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Éric Trottier

Director, Digital Confined Space Monitoring (DCSM)

Confined Space
Monitoring (DCSM)

The Digital Confined Space Monitoring System is an IoT 4.0 solution used during maintenance shutdowns. It increases productivity, minimizes the risk of incidents, reduces maintenance time and improves overall job management in real time. The DCSM system can monitor up to 12 confined spaces simultaneously with the help of only two technicians. By allowing bidirectional communication between the worker and the operator, the system provides improved visibility and a safer environment.

Surveillance numérique des espaces clos

Re-Engineered, Safe and Effective
Confined Space Monitoring

System Components

Centralized Control Centre
Electronic Badges to Control Access to Confined Spaces
High Definition Digital IP Cameras (Inside and Outside)
Powerful Intercom System for Reliable Bi-Directional Communication between Operator and Personnel
Module de détection de gaz
Gas Detection Unit to Provide an Even Higher Level of Safety
Mobile Control Center

Our Differentiators

Reduces Cost, Improves Safety and Increases Efficiency
15 Years of Successful Delivery
Around the World
High Standards of Equipment
Quality and Reliability
Meets CNESST and other OH&S Regulations
Helps Overcome Labour Shortage Challenges
Continuous Development and Innovation
Confined Space Work Challenges

For decades, confined spaces required numerous monitoring staff during maintenance activities. There are several factors that put workers at risk, such as human error, limited visibility within the confined space, and communication challenges during execution. When it comes to working in confined spaces, safety is the top priority and DCSM the top solution!

There is No Room for Error in Confined Spaces

About VISICS and InfoSignal

The DCSM technology was developed by VISICS, a pioneer and market leader in digital confined space monitoring solutions for high risk industries. Their system is actively used in over 15 countries. In Canada, the technology is distributed by InfoSignal and ASDR. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, VISICS has set the record for managing no less than 160 confined spaces during a single shutdown.

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Éric Trottier
Director, Digital Confined Space Monitoring (DCSM)