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Marc Turcotte

Vice-president, Water Treatment

Water Treatment

ASDR’s Water Treatment centre of excellence has acquired an undeniable expertise in addressing water challenges in the mining, industrial and municipal sectors. We have generated innovative ideas whether they be for surface, underground or tailings storage ponds projects. We have also developed tailored technologies and solutions, both permanent and temporary, which have demonstrated ASDR’s ability to respond quickly to emergencies and meet the most stringent environmental targets. Our team of engineers, chemists and technicians is ready to take on your challenges.

Turnkey Solutions

ASDR can undertake water treatment projects on a lump sum or turnkey basis. We provide a range of services that includes sampling, lab and pilot testing, studies, flowsheet development, engineering, manufacturing, installation, construction, commissioning and operation. Our vertical integration (leveraging our proprietary technologies, manufacturing and installation capabilities) shortens procurement cycles and overall project execution schedules. This generates significant savings for clients.

Meet Environmental Targets with Confidence

ASDR’s expertise extends to a wide range of contaminants, including a variety of heavy metals, ammoniacal nitrogen, cyanide compounds and total suspended solids (TSS). We are capable of meeting the strictest environmental discharge requirements, down to low ppb levels. We have in-depth expertise in dealing with both conventional and more challenging contaminants.

Our Water Treatment Expertise

Permanent Plants
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Unité de traitement des eaux intérieur
Modular Plants
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Projet de dragage
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Ingénieurs bureau de Val-d'Or
Design and Process Engineering
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Technological Innovation
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Dewatering of Shafts and Pits
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Sludge Dewatering
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Operations and Maintenance
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Our Differentiators

EPC / Turnkey Expertise
End-to-end Solutions: Tests, Design and Start-Ups
Comprehensive Team of Engineers, Chemists, and Technicians
Our Range of Water Treatment Technologies
Modularization Experience for Temporary and Permanent Projects
Commercial Flexibility
“ASDR’s simple and cost-effective design of a ferric sulphate treatment process allowed us to comply with requirements. I wanted to thank ASDR for their outstanding work on this project.”
Norman Parker

Former General Manager, Operations, Metanor (Bachelor Mine)

Reference Projects

Our Products

Our modular units can meet the most complex water and sludge treatment challenges in various sectors. Our expertise with modular units covers typical contaminants such as heavy metals and suspended solids as well as nitrogen species.

ECOMUDTM is a sustainable solution for treating water and sludge generated by mining, tunneling and construction activities.

Usine Fibrek

ASDR is an approved supplier of Geotube® and other geosynthetic products for sludge dewatering and shore protection. Geotube® is manufactured by TenCate (Solmax), the world leader in the field for over 70 years.

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Marc Turcotte
Vice-president, Water Treatment

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