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René Couture
René Couture

Senior Technical Specialist, Dredging


ASDR and our ECO Technologies division combine some 20 years of experience in hydraulic and mechanical dredging in mining, industrial and marine environments. We have a portfolio of over 500 projects of all sizes throughout the country.

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A Unique Combination of Services and Technology

Our large fleet of specialized equipment allows us to take on any challenges, whether they be related to flowrate, depth, sensitive environments or areas with difficult access. We specialize in multi-year dredging programs, mine site restoration, remediation of water bodies and preventive or emergency ice breaking. On mining sites, dredging is used to optimize water management in tailings storage facilities, and to treat accumulated suspended solids and sediments.

End-to-End Sludge Treatment Solutions with Utmost Cost Certainty

ASDR uses a variety of dredges and water and sludge treatment technologies in order to provide tailored solutions. Dredging large volumes of water can thus be achieved with a high level of accuracy, while also providing us with the flexibility to adapt to each project’s unique challenges. The whole achieved with utmost cost certainty. 


Dredging for Tailings Ponds, Clarifiers and other Bodies of Water

Water Treatment Units

Conditioning and Treatment using ASDR’s Modular Units


Sludge Dewatering Technologies

Treated Water

Discharge of Water and Sludge Compliant with Regulations

Dredging adapted to the challenges

ASDR has access to a variety of dredges and water and sludge treatment technologies to provide tailored solutions. We can dredge very large volumes with precision, while offering the flexibility to adapt to the different contexts and challenges of each project.

Dragage bassin minier
Mine dredging

Dredging of a tailings pond

Industrial dredging

Dredging of ponds with the use of geosynthetic bags for sludge dewatering

Dragage minier
Industrial dredging

Silo pumping with sludge accumulation

Dragage remédiation environnementale
Environmental dredging

Environmental remediation projects

Dragage maritime
Marine dredging

Sediment dredging projects

Brise de glace
Ice Breaking

Preventive or emergency icebreaking

Our Specialized Services
  • Turnkey services, from sampling to operation
  • Rapid mobilization to address urgent issues
  • Operational support and consultation
  • Sludge and sediment pumping
  • Sludge extraction from aeration basins, settling cells, accumulation tanks and tailings facilities 
  • Environmental restoration: water bodies and streams
  • Shore and coastal protection
  • Polymerization and conditioning equipment for water and sludge
  • Supply of water treatment reagents and other consumables
Expertise In Sludge Management and Dewatering

ASDR integrates the best-available technologies on the market, such as mechanized or passive dewatering solutions, to design solutions tailored to your needs. We have extensive experience with Geotube® geosynthetic bags for dewatering and sludge management. ASDR’s expertise covers sludge generated by treatment processes, dredging of tailings ponds, environmental restoration and marine sediments.

Our Differentiators

Dredging Teams with 20 Years of Experience
Large Fleet of Diversified and Specialized Equipment
Ability to Execute Projects Across the Country
Turnkey Solutions
Ability to Take on Large and Complex Projects
Detailed HSE and Quality Procedures
Rigorous Maintenance Programs, with Spare Parts on Site to Minimize Downtime
“The staff was helpful and professional. The teams in the field operate with safety and environmental protection being top of mind. Projects were completed on time and on budget. We look forward to executing more projects with ASDR.”
Linda Byron

Director, Blue Heron

Our Products

Our modular units can meet the most complex water and sludge treatment challenges in various sectors. Our expertise with modular units covers typical contaminants such as heavy metals and suspended solids as well as nitrogen species.

ECOMUDTM is a sustainable solution for treating water and sludge generated by mining, tunneling and construction activities.

Usine Fibrek

ASDR is an approved supplier of Geotube® and other geosynthetic products for sludge dewatering and shore protection. Geotube® is manufactured by TenCate (Solmax), the world leader in the field for over 70 years.

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René Couture
René Couture
Senior Technical Specialist, Dredging

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