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Jonathan Gendron-Cloutier
Jonathan Gendron-Cloutier

Director, Operations, Industrial Services

Industrial Services

ASDR’s Industrial Services centre of excellence is specialized in maintenance work during shutdowns. We have a proven track record in providing qualified teams and personnel to help our clients execute their work. Paired with exceptional customer service, this allows us to drive repeat business and implement continuous improvement programs. The Industrial Services centre of excellence also plays a key role in the execution of EPC turnkey projects by participating in equipment installation on site.

Qualified Workforce
  • Mobilization of multidisciplinary maintenance teams of more than 100 workers
  • Secondment of specialized personnel
  • In-house training programs on various equipment
  • Staff trained in compliance with strict HSE requirements and mining regulations
  • Experts specialized in planning shutdowns and HSE
Our Expertise

Maintenance Work:

  • Mechanical and welding
  • Turnkey installation of structures and equipment


  • Planning and management of all contractors on site

Health and Safety:

Proven Experience With Various Equipment
  • Conveyor systems
  • Chutes 
  • Apron feeders 
  • Grinding / milling equipment
  • Screening and filtering systems
  • Installation of valves, pumps and other systems
  • Installation and repair of mechanical or welded assemblies
  • Leaching basins and agitators
  • Work in confined spaces
Our Innovative Approach

Industrial Services | Planning | OH&S

By combining our expertise in planning and health and safety with leading digital technology, we allow our clients to improve their productivity, costs, schedules and health and safety performance during planned shutdowns. The key to success is early involvement in the shutdown lifecycle.

Key Elements To Generate Value During Planned Shutdowns
  • Work planning and scheduling
  • Identification of tools and materials required
  • Risk analyses for critical work
  • Meeting with contractors
  • Analysis of discrepancies of the preliminary plan against the client standards
  • Analysis of contractors HSE needs
  • Upgrade of workers’ knowledge and skills
  • Remote training prior to arriving on site
  • Managing work cards 
  • Review of practices and execution plan for critical work
  • Implementation of a specific health and safety program
  • Management of all on-site contractors 
  • Strict quality and schedule monitoring
  • Overall health and safety management, including risk analyses
  • Progress analyses and reports
  • Lessons learned for continuous improvement

Our Differentiators

Qualified Personnel to Meet Clients' Labour Shortage Issues
Reduced Costs and Increased Health and Safety Performance
Increased Productivity Due to Detailed Work Planning
Reduced Shutdown Durations
Tools and Execution Plans Tailored to Specific Client Needs
Use of Innovative Digital Technology

Referenced Projects

Our Products

Digital Confined Space Monitoring (DCSM)

The Digital Confined Space Monitoring System is used during shutdowns. This IoT 4.0 solution increases productivity, minimizes the risk of incidents and improves overall job management in real time.

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Jonathan Gendron-Cloutier
Jonathan Gendron-Cloutier
Director, Operations, Industrial Services

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