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René Couture
René Couture

Senior Technical Specialist

Geosynthetic Bags

ASDR is an authorized  supplier of geosynthetic solutions, including TenCate (Solmax)’s Geotube® technology, the global leader in geosynthetics. With over 20 years of experience, ASDR proudly pioneered the implementation of this choice dewatering technology, and distinguished itself by ability to undertake complex projects of all sizes. Its key advantages include simplicity of design and implementation, versatility and low capital and operating costs.

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Applications for Geosynthetic Bags

Dewatering of Sludge and Sediments

For sectors that produce sludge and sediments, geosynthetic solutions like Geotube® allow the recuperation of  valuable materials and separation of suspended solids. Geotubes® are perfect complements to dredging projects in tailings ponds and other water streams, and in other areas where large amounts of water with a high concentration of suspended solids are generated.

Construction of Dams, Berms and Dykes

On mining sites, geosynthetic bags are an interesting solution for water management from tailings facilities. When combined with dredging, this solution can double the benefits for users. Extracting sediments generates new pond capacity while, in parallel, the sediments collected  in the geosynthetic bags can be reused for building dams, berms or dykes. Accordingly, levels of existing facilities are raised and the pond volumes increased. 

Marine Structures and Shore Protection
Protection côtière Geotube

Geosynthetic bags can be used as a variety of underwater structures to protect shores, from marine erosion and natural disasters. For over 70 years, they have been a trusted solution as liners, jetties, dykes and breakwater installations. Geotubes® have proven their performance and efficiency, especially when they provided ultimate protection against the full force of Sandy’s Hurricane, leaving the areas protected by geosynthetic bags virtually undamaged.

Turnkey Sludge Treatment Solutions with Utmost Cost Certainty

ASDR leverages its in-depth know-how and a variety of dredges, along with water and sludge treatment technologies, in order to deliver tailored solutions. We can therefore adapt to each project’s unique context and challenges. This allows us to dredge large volumes of water with utmost accuracy and cost certainty.


Dredging of ponds, basins, clarifiers and other bodies of water

Water Treatment

Conditioning and treatment using ASDR’s modular units


Sludge dewatering and consolidation using Geotube® technology

Treated Water

Discharge of treated water and sediments in compliance with environmental regulations

Our Differentiators

Vendor with over 70 years of Experience
ASDR’s Complementary Services and Turnkey Solutions
Unique Expertise with Complex Projects
Geosynthetic Bags Available in Different Sizes
Easy to Transport, Install and Operate
Low Capital and Operating Costs
TenCate Geotube®
About TenCate

TenCate (Solmax) is the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality geosynthetic bags for industrial and environmental use. The company develops materials that improve performance, and reduce costs, enabling people to accomplish impossible tasks.

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René Couture
René Couture
Senior Technical Specialist