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Expert Profile Pascal Lemieux

23 March 2022
Profil Expert Pascal Lemieux

Pascal Lemieux is Director of Health and Safety at ASDR. He has more than 15 years of various experiences in the mining and industrial sectors. His leadership has contributed to establish a strong EH&S culture, both with our clients and internally. Five years ago, he created the ASDR Health and Safety group, which today has 18 highly specialized people to help our clients, whether it be for specific mandates or workforce loan.

Pascal is committed to the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in the field. His team specializes in the overall management of EH&S during production shutdowns, which can improve productivity and EH&S performance. Their planning covers risk analysis, specialized tooling requirements, and EH&S training. On a recent shutdown project, his team coordinated over 60 companies and 900 workers on site. Congratulations Pascal for your accomplishments at ASDR. EH&S is part of our DNA thanks to the excellent work of your team.

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