Windfall Lake Gold Project

Client : Osisko Mining

Service : Ventilation and Heating System Engineering


The Windfall underground exploration mine required a ventilation and heating system for further exploration work. This project is located approximately 200 kilometres northwest of the City of Val-d’Or and 115 kilometres east of the Town of Lebel-sur-Quévillon.


Work performed

  • System design and detail engineering:
    • Surface power distribution;
    • Surface and underground equipment control (ventilation);
    • Surface distribution container;
    • Underground control panels;
    • Manufacture a surface distribution container;
    • Select and purchase instrumentation and additional control panels;
    • Connect and wire the equipment and related instrumentation; and
    • Program and commission the equipment together with the electrical equipment team.

Performance and results

    • Installed a surface and underground ventilation system; and
    • Optimized burner fuel consumption (gas).


    The entire project was completed at a cost of approximately $1 M, while the CAPEX budget totalled almost $2.5 M.

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