Merian Newmount

Client : Newmont Suriname

Service : Mining Wastewater Treatment


A wastewater treatment plant was required to manage the water in this gold mine’s tailings site in order to meet the project’s environmental requirements.

Key contaminants of concern:  WAD cyanide, heavy metals (aluminum, cooper, iron, zinc), nitrates, ammoniacal nitrogen, molybdenum and suspended solids.


Work Performed

ASDR was initially mandated to provide design engineering for the plant. During this stage, our team leveraged its know-how to design a robust, flexible and cost-effective treatment line. ASDR continued this work through to detail engineering, and then ran the hot start program for the plant. ASDR’s team also supervised the running-in of the operating system after its launch.

Performance and results

In operation since summer 2017, ASDR’s wastewater treatment plant has met all environmental requirements for effluent discharges at a regular flow rate of 1,200 m3/h. The choices made during system design improved flexibility and have been beneficial as this plant treats contaminants – ammoniacal nitrogen and molybdenum – that had not initially been identified as presenting problems.

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