Fénélon Wallbridge

Client : Wallbridge Mining

Service : Mining Wastewater Treatment


Dewatering and dry maintenance of an existing pit and underground facilities at the Fenelon Gold Project in order to meet the requirements set out by the Québec Ministry of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change in its Directive 019 on the mining industry.

Key contaminants of concern:  heavy metals (Fe, Zn, Pb, Ar, Cu, Ni) and suspended solids.


Work Performed

ASDR mobilized five (5) containerized wastewater treatment modules (20-foot ISO containers) for this project:  a caustic soda metering unit, a coagulant metering unit, a flocculant metering unit, a caustic soda storage unit and an electrical room. ASDR also provided a floating barge fitted with a 100-HP submersible pump to carry out the dewatering and dry maintenance project. Geotubes®* were deployed to collect and filter the sludge generated by the water treatment process.

* Registered trademark of Geofabrics Australia PTY LTD.

Performance and results

In operation since February 2018, ASDR’s modular wastewater treatment plant has met all environmental requirements for effluent discharges at an average operational flow rate of        150 m3/h, for a volume exceeding 325,000 m3.

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