Borden Gold

Client : Goldcorp

Service : Mining Wastewater Treatment


ASDR created a project and operating team to resolve problems associated with ammoniacal nitrogen and suspended solids in mine water discharges in order to comply with the water quality conditions set out in the Environmental Compliance Approval (Ontario ECA).


Work performed

ASDR was initially contacted to resolve a suspended solids issue together with its operating team and modular plants and was subsequently asked to pilot applicable options in the field to treat water from a water collection pool. Several solutions were examined during this mandate and one was selected. Goldcorp Newmont’s team subsequently worked closely with ASDR’s team to implement a robust, autonomous and permanent system that can be reused for subsequent projects, if necessary.

Performance and results

Mitigation and treatment operations were conducted in fall 2017 and winter 2018. Temporary treatment was introduced at the end of winter 2018. Following a major sampling campaign done by ASDR, the client’s team was able to identify the underground practices that needed to be improved in order to eliminate ammoniacal nitrogen at the source. Secondary treatment to monitor water quality parameters was sufficient to mitigate NO2 and NH3 toxicity. The suspended solids treatment plant has been in place since February 2018. Mine water discharge has been compliant since the solutions found by the Goldcorp-Aquatox-ASDR working group were implemented.

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