Borden Gold

Client : Goldcorp

Service : Cost Management and Construction of Surface and Underground Infrastructure


Goldcorp was seeking an experienced partner to manage the cost and construction of surface and underground infrastructure. The entire project had to be completed within 18 months.

Work Performed

  • Manage the construction project’s costs;
  • Provide geologists;
  • Supervise infrastructure and development work, and all work related to wastewater ponds and water treatment;
  • Develop a waste rock storage area, dams, pits and parking lot;
  • Supervise civil, mechanical, pipefitting and geological work;
  • Supervise the installation of surface buildings;
  • Supervise the surface installation of burners;
  • Supervise portal installation; and
  • Operate the plant.

Performance and results

  • Reduced the budget allowance in a context of optimal health and safety;
  • Built a relationship of trust with the client;
  • Ensured the long-term performance of work at Borden’s mine and other mining operations; and
  • Overall assessment:  More than $40 M.

Want more info?

Marc Turcotte
Vice President, Water treatment Division
[email protected]
Phone: (819) 757-3039 ext. 10296