Machine Covers

Be it to design, manufacture or install customized, innovative safety equipment, protective machine covers are ideal for preventing industrial accidents.

  • Conveyor safety nets;
  • Fixed safety nets;
  • Toxic product safety guards;
  • Tarpaulins;
  • Products for high or low temperatures;
  • Valve insulators (interior and exterior);
  • Reusable insulated pipe covers;
  • Pump protectors;
  • Customized shelters; and
  • Fume- and chemical splash-resistant confined space covers.

Haul Lining Solution

Improve your truck fleet’s productivity with ASDR’s Flexarmor® anti-wear rubber for haul truck beds.

The repeated impacts and stress of loading and dumping heavy and abrasive rocks causes extensive damage to the truck bed and structural parts as a whole. Unnecessary stops for service and maintenance increases your cost per ton transported. The Flexarmor® solution is a comprehensive solution to this problem. Today, there are fewer simple ways to improve the productivity for mining companies. Reach the next level of efficiency and reduce your operating cost with our solutions.

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