Management Team


Stephen Authier

President and Chief Executive officer

Stephen Authier has more than 25 years of experience in mining, forestry and industry. Throughout his career, he has provided solutions tailored to meet his client’s needs. Over the years, he has completed major mining and forestry projects, drawing on his technical expertise, management experience and desire to find innovative, new techniques and technologies.

Mr. Authier has led mechanical engineering and industrial teams for both design and detail engineering and management.

Mr. Authier, an experienced manager and seasoned entrepreneur, established ASDR Canada Inc. in 2008. He has been the President and Chief Executive Office and co-owner of ASDR since its founding.


Marc Turcotte

Vice President, Water Treatment Division

Mr. Marc Turcotte has more than 20 years of experience in business management, supervision, project management and water treatment management. He has played a central role in shaping the Water Treatment Division since joining the ASDR Canada team in 2008. He was assigned several large-scale projects and has developed innovative water treatment methods.


Carl Dufour

Vice President, Project Management & Engineering Division

Mr. Carl Dufour has been a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec since 2000. He has a breadth of experience in large-scale project management in the mining industry, having completed several surface and underground installation projects, concentrator installs, and commissionings, as well as numerous feasibility studies.

Mr. Dufour, who has experience as a Plant Project Manager and Project Manager with major Canadian mining companies, has been Vice President – Project Management with ASDR Canada Inc. since 2011.


Alain Grimard


Mr. Alain Grimard has more than 30 years of experience in finance, including planning, cost control, profitability and management. He is responsible for the validity and availability of all of ASDR’s financial information.

Mr. Grimard earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Management Accounting Option) in 1994.


Philippe Authier

Vice President, Industrial Services Division

Mr. Philippe Authier has more than 37 years of supervisory experience. Through his various responsibilities, he has developed leadership and communication skills over the years. He uses his extensive industrial knowledge, specifically in mining, to clearly identify ASDR’S clients’ operating needs and issues.


Jean-Sébastien St-Pierre

Director, Manufacturing Division

Mr. St-Pierre has 20-plus years of business experience, having worked in the construction, manufacturing and professional services sectors.

As Manufacturing Division Director, Mr. St-Pierre manages the various shops, as well as development processes and tools, in order to meet the varying demands of ASDR’s clients.


Stéphane Gagné

Director of Purchasing

Mr. Stéphane Gagné has 25-plus years of purchasing and inventory experience. Since joining ASDR in 2017, he has been responsible for implementing a purchasing and inventory structure and a comprehensive operating and information system in order to unify the unique needs of each department at ASDR Canada Inc.